Friday, June 30, 2017

The Chico Skatepark Expansion is HAPPENING!
Our non-profit, Chico Skatepark Solutions, has raised $80,000 to date! Chico Area Recreation Department (CARD) has already invested $65,000 for the prelim plans, detailed blue prints, and permits.  CARD recently committed another $200,000 to see the expansion happen.  
THANK YOU to all of you who have attended Sierra Nevada Big Room Fundraisers, bought clothes at our Lulu's Outlet Sale, bought Fix Chico Skatepark shirts or Klean Kanteens, bought Burrittos or Pizza at our fundraisers....Thank you to our 100+ volunteers over the past two years, to all of you who attended board meetings, and to our amazing donors who believe in making Chico a great place to skate.  The Chico Skatepark Solutions committee has been AMAZING and together we MADE THIS HAPPEN!

Next Steps:  Chico Skatepark Solutions will be holding a two day Lulu's Outlet Sale in late September.  Money from that fundraiser will potentially be utilized for:  Grand Opening, Clean Up at the Current Park (graffiti, lights, etc), getting serious about building at DeGarmo, and talking with EBHB about a skatepark being part of their master plan!  Chico Skatepark Solutions Board will ultimately make the decisions on these possible directions.  

For now we will celebrate this great skateboarding accomplishment.  Chico is going to be a place to come to skate!