Monday, April 10, 2017

Bidwell Park and Playground Commission Meeting

The Bidwell Park and Playground Commission meeting in April was a bit disappointing, but not a total loss....  The commission had an opportunity to do the right thing for the skateboard community and the city and they missed it.  The Chico Skatepark is NOT a neighborhood park, it is a COMMUNITY PARK.  It is the ONLY skatepark for Chico's 100,000 people, meaning the community uses it, not just a neighborhood.  All that was asked of the commission was to make the park designation change to a Community Park, allowing us to go to the city council and request Community Park Funds, but they instead asked us to wait for the new NEXUS Study.

On a positive note, we had 80-90 people from the community out to support the skatepark with beautifully made signs.  Check out this clip:

Ann Willmann (CARD GM) and Jan Sneed (CARD Board Member) both approached us after the meeting with a positive message:  We are moving forward with the skatepark!  Our next meeting takes place at the CARD Vallombrosa Ave facility on May 18th @7PM.  In this meeting we hope to hear clearly the plan of action as we continue to aim for the skatepark expansion to be breaking ground by August.  CARD has discussed paying for the remainder of the skatepark expansion with an agreement from the city that once the NEXUS Study takes place and we can access the Community Park fund, CARD would be reimbursed.