Monday, March 21, 2016

CARD Agenda for the Expansion

Chico Skatepark Solutions was on the Chico Area Recreation District (CARD) agenda March 17th. We presented and showed a slideshow of the February 6th Humboldt Ave Skate Event where we, along with CARD and Skate MVMT, offered lessons, held demos, a competition, and over 200 people solid for over three hours of a flawless six hour skate event with booths, a raffle, and we raised $1000. We also presented about the February 20th Sierra Nevada Big Room fundraiser where we had dinner, a live auction, silent auction, a raffle, and SOLD OUT with 320 people and raised over $20,000. We showed repeated images of the grass area adjacent to the skatepark being MIS-used by non-skaters. We then had a computer glitch and could not show the video we showed in the Big Room of Nor Cal skaters being interviewed and asked: Why do you love skateboarding? and Why is the skatepark expansion a good thing? We emailed this one to each board member instead. Later in the night, board member Jan Sneed stated, “I am in awe of the skatepark group’s efforts and fundraising.” Board member Michael Worley stated, “I too am in awe of Chico Skatepark Solutions. If any group of people want us to make a change, they should take lessons from the skatepark group.” Board member Bob Malowney followed up with, “Your group is really the gold star as far as we are concerned.” Jan Sneed stated in a positive tone, “You also have that pit bull approach with not going away.” CARD General Manager, Ann Willmann stated, “Grindline Skateparks will be here at the beginning of next month to meet with the people who have been working so hard on this and to begin initial concept designs.” We are on our way.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Our Fundraising Efforts Surpass Expectations

Chico Skatepark Solutions has raised $24,000 through shirts, the February 6th skateboarding comp, and February 20th Sierra Nevada Big Room Fundraiser. The local communities have been hugely supportive. This information was presented at the CARD (Chico Area Recreation District) Board Meeting on March 17th.  CARD has approved $5000 towards design and in April, Grindline Skateparks will be meeting with us to start concept design sketches!