Wednesday, December 16, 2015


MISSION: Chico Skatepark Solutions is a grassroots organization developed by local Chico citizens who are devoted to increasing positive places for skateboarders to skate in our community.

VISION: Chico has a population of almost 90,000 people, but the Chico skatepark (Humboldt Avenue Skatepark) pales in comparison to parks in much smaller surrounding communities such as Corning, Oroville, and soon Live Oak. The Chico skatepark is built for beginning skaters and due to the creek side location, low flow of drive through traffic and the grass area adjacent to the park, it has become a draw for drug use, drinking, and sleeping by non-skaters. Chico Skatepark Solutions has a vision of removing the grass area and seating in the park, replacing it with intermediate and advanced skatepark designs that will draw in both adult and family skaters, and establishing the park as a place to skateboard. Additionally, Chico Skatepark Solutions is interested in helping the city to build additional skateparks. It is estimated that there should be one skatepark for every 25,000 people. Chico has one underbuilt park for 90,000 people. It is time for change!

ABOUT US: Chico Skatepark Solutions is made up teachers, administrators, lawyers, grant writers, auto mechanics, photographers, and more. Many of us are skaters or have skateboarding children, but others are simply involved because it is the right thing for Chico.